Negative Effects of Smartphones on Society

Posted on: January 24, 2012

There is no doubt that smartphones are becoming a large staple in society. Not only are they phones but they also function as cameras, camcorders, GPS systems, mobile browsers, social media outlets, calenders, calculators…you name it! However along with making our lives easier, smartphones also have negative impacts that may be as easy to recognize.  This article titled “Smartphones Impact on Society” highlight the downfalls of the mobile phone craze we find ourselves in.

Being Oblivious to Your Surroundings: This is one point of the article I’d have to say I 100% agree with. Everyday I witness someone trip on a crack in a sidewalk, almost tumble down flights of stairs, run into trees and have to slam on breaks…all as a result of being mesmerized by their smartphones.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty myself.

Business Leaving the Workforce: With smartphones leaving business men and women more accessible to their jobs and employers work can virtually following them everywhere. While this does increase productivity for companies what does this do to employees? We are definitely living in the age of workaholics and smartphones can be partially blamed I think. This increases stress levels and also creates opportunity for work without pay.

Family and Social Relationships: Family dinners around the world are being interrupted by teenagers texting and checking their facebook pages as we speak.  In some cases like this smartphones are causing a block in communication when they are designed to make communication easier.

Watch this Video on Smartphone Addiction!


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